East Dalyup Primary School

Restricted by the use of the WA Standard Template Design for Primary Schools the objective of the design team was to challenge the boundaries and achieve a Primary School with a sense of identity, reflecting the philosophy of the school “Seek. Learn. Discovery.”

Project Details

Kent Lyon Architect Pty Ltd

Crystal Bend Dalyellup, WA 6230 Australia

Kent Lyon

$ 11,769,000.00 (Ex. GST & Ex. Fees)

Gwenael Velge

Project Overview
With the constraint of working with a set of Standard Template floor plans we commenced the project with three main objectives.

To achieve an overall master plan that reflects as a children’s playground. Creating open space within and around the buildings that encourage curiosity and interaction with the environment. Through the use of different tactile finishes, colour, pattern, artwork, garden walls and landscaping the design achieves a three dimensional space that stimulates the imagination and provides a multitude of different experiences within the one playground.

To enhance the aesthetic value of the Standard Template building elevations. Designed to achieve fast construction and economical projects the templates do not push the envelope of architectural technology or design. With much negotiating, elements of the building fabric were able to be altered to add vibrancy and interest into what otherwise would have been a conventional and uninspiring building elevation.
To create a learning environment that evokes creativity, interest and learning. Research suggests that colour is an important factor in the physical learning environment and impacts on student achievement as well as teacher effectiveness. Young children are believed to attract to warm, bright colours, however overuse of different colours in the one space strains ones ability to think. This being the inspiration to create each building with an identity using different colours. This not only provides the school with a management system but each block and each classroom has a fixed colour identity that helps students stay focused and stimulated.

The success of the design can only be truly sought by its main young users. Their excitement and wonder over their new environment as well as their interaction with the buildings and surrounds positively endorses that with a little imagination and consideration the Standard Template Design can be used to create a Primary School that is in itself an environment for children.